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The F82 BMW M4, thanks to its twin-turbocharged engine, provides the ideal basis for additional power increases. With G-Power’s Bi-Tronik 5 V1 ECU remap, power is increased from 425 bhp (317 kW) to 512 bhp (382 kW), whilst torque rises from 550 Nm to 700 Nm.

After the power treatment, 100 km/h can be reached in just 3.9 seconds;on to a top speed of beyond 325 km/h.

G-Power also concentrated on reducing unsprung mass for improved handling by adding its 21-inch Hurricane RR forged alloys in the package, made from ultra-light aircraft-grade aluminum. This is combined with super-sticky Michelin tyres, as well as height and pressure-adjustable G-Power GM4-RS coilover suspension.

For more details, visit G-Power.


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