Vorsteiner Novara | Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4

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Photography | Vorsteiner Nero

Vorsteiner’s Novara tuning program for the Huracán features a highly distinctive and aggressive front end, thanks to the addition of a brand new carbon fiber front bumper with an integrated front spoiler. Providing aggressive visual appeal, these parts also provide improved airflow and increased cooling performance.

The redesigned larger air intake openings allow a higher volume of air to be utilized along with a set of angular blades that channel the air towards the radiators. This helps keep the engine’s fluids cool even under the most demanding high-performance driving conditions.

The ventilated front carbon fenders are key in bringing down weight in the front end of the vehicle and improving downforce.

The inlet openings in the front fenders are part of an aerodynamic package which is systematically designed for downforce. By utilizing the air flow created by the spinning wheels, the ventilated front fenders exit air out and push down on the vehicle, allowing for improved aerodynamics and performance.

The side sill blades are designed to cut and direct the air flow from the front towards the rear of the vehicle. This ensures the vehicle stays as stable as possible during high-speed runs.

The car’s motorsport-inspired rear bumper is a pure work of art. It features three trapezoidal openings on the top for improved heat dissipation and improved cooling for the engine and exhaust systems. The rear wing is also an integral part of the Novara aerodynamic package and is made from a combination of pure carbon fiber and 7000-series aerospace grade aluminum uprights.

The Novara Huracán also features a bespoke steering wheel, combining carbon fiber with high-grade leather. The addition of the Vorsteiner stainless steel exhaust system also provides additional performance gains, from improved throttle response to a enhanced sound note from the V10 engine.

Custom 20-inch Vorsteiner V-FF 105 Flow Forged wheels complete the package, perfectly complementing the car’s aggressive stance and helping to further reduce weight.

For more details, visit Vorsteiner Nero.

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